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My name is Kevin, as the time of this writing (May 2017) I am 22 years old – born in ’94. I have been programming for almost 10 years now. I do hope you enjoy my Blog! 😉

At the age of 12-13, I started developing desktop applications using Visual Basic .Net. As of today, I have about 200, mostly unfinished, VB projects on my hard disk. After some time, I got a little bit into PHP, but web development didn’t really fascinate me at that time.

At the age of 16 I started doing an apprenticeship as a programmer (in German “Fachinformatiker für Anwendungsentwickler”). In a small company in Hamburg, DE I started learning JavaEE, JSF, HibernateSpring and other technologies for building a Content-Management-System for a big auto-mobile group. During my apprenticeship, my interest in developing web applications growed rapidly and I could barely imagine programs, that really NEED to be done on the desktop.

2014 I started developing an e-commerce platform with two friends. A lot of early blog posts are inspired by this time. I started this project as a side project to my full time job, then went in part-time and even went full-time in my own project for a couple of months. Unfortunately, things did not work out as planned and I dropped out of the project.

In July 2015 I started a new job as a Java Software Developer in Hamburg, DE.

Programming is not a “9-To-Five” job for me to get a good amount of money. I found my passion for programming in an early age and always try to advance in my private time. I do hope I can give something back by doing this blog.

To increase my own learning effect when dealing with programming topics and also dive more deeply into them, I created this blog. If you have any inspiration to share for creating an article, please let me know!

Take a look at books I recommend for getting better at programming – Books.

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