SonarQube officially supports Kotlin

The latest SonarQube release 7.3 supports analyzing Kotlin out-of-the-box. New SonarQube release! 🎉Analyze @kotlin , #CSS , and chase down vulnerabilities like a pro with SonarQube 7.3 💪https://t.co/KreApK4wgk— SonarQube (@SonarQube) 13. August 2018 SonarQube recognizes cognitive complexity, duplications and other issues. If you previously used Detekt you can import the Read more…

By Kevin Grüneberg, ago

Analyzing a Multi-Module Maven Project with SonarQube

SonarQube Setup Start by downloading SonarQube from the official website. Unzip and navigate to the bin directory, you should see multiple folders linux-x86-32 linux-x86-64 macosx-universal-64 windows-x86-32 windows-x86-64 Navigate into the folder depending on your current operating system, i.e. linux-x86-64. Execute the sonar.sh script. Sonar should now startup. After a few Read more…

By Kevin Grüneberg, ago