Eclipse Optimizer - Eclipse beschleunigen

If you are working with eclipse or a subversion like Spring Tools Suite, you probably know the pain of a slow IDE...

Zeroturnaround, who also created JRebel and XRebel, have recently released a free plugin that resolves common misconfigurations and tweaks the config.

In the Eclipse Marketplace, search for "Optimizer for Eclipse" and install the plugin. The interface is pretty self-explanatory. The plugin also checks if you are using the latest JDK and IDE version.

Eclipse Optimizer UI

Generally speaking, the optimization only needs to be done once. However, you can also use it to check for another IDE or JDK version. The plugin modifies your ini file. Eclipse should start a lot faster and also feel more smooth.

For a more detailed description, visit the official website - Optimizer for Eclipse - Zeroturnaround (opens new window).

Last Updated: 7/14/2019, 4:10:33 PM