Inside Agile Product Development Series

The Inside Agile Product Development Series gives you an overview of how we work as an agile software development team to continuously develop & ship a product. It covers a variety of different, also non-technical, topics. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Featured posts

Gradle Upgrade Interactive

Interactive CLI to upgrade Gradle dependencies and wrapper, inspired by yarn.

Docker Logging with Fluentbit

Logging from Docker Containers to Elasticsearch with Fluent Bit.

Recent posts

Avoiding Knowledge Silos


The Daily Logger

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Pair programming & reviews

Technical debt and refactoring

Testing principles

Lifecycle of a story

Recurring Meetings

Agile Development: Scrumban

Product development vs. Project development

Responsibilities and ownership

A brief overview of the stack

How it all started

Resilient HTTP client with Apache HttpRequestRetryHandler using RetryHandler and ServiceNotAvailableStrategy

Type-safe Spring Boot configuration properties with autocomplete using Kotlin data classes

Postgres JSONB: Updating data inside an array of objects

Collaborative development in IntelliJ IDEA

Retry sending metrics to Micrometer in Spring Boot on failure

Implementing OAuth 2.0 PKCE Flow for authenticating command line applications

Getting started with AWS Cognito

Secure your Spring Boot App with Json Web Tokens and OAuth 2.0 provided by AWS Cognito

Alerting downtimes in Slack using Heartbeat and Elasticsearch Watchers

Monitor uptime and latency with Elastic's Heartbeat

Using an AWS S3 Bucket as your Maven repository in a Gradle project

Responsive E-Mails with Vue.js and mjml

Mocking Spring TransactionTemplate with Kotlin and Mockito

Gradle Upgrade Interactive

Logging from Docker Containers to Elasticsearch with Fluent Bit

🚀 rockitdeveloper Launch 🚀

Test coverage in Kotlin with Jacoco

Book: Clean Architecture

Kotlin Book: Kotlin in Action

AWS Elasticsearch now supports easy in-place upgrades and version 6.3

SonarQube officially supports Kotlin

Analyzing a Multi-Module Maven Project with SonarQube

Writing/Reading Java Properties Files without external dependencies

Optimistic vs Pessimistic Locking and Transactions

XRebel Java Profiler: The lightweight Java Profiler

Java 8 Lambda Tutorial: Beginning with Lambda and Streams

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